Special Treatments

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Special Treatments

Special Treatments

For times when traditional carpet cleaning methods just aren’t enough, Garec’s Cleaning Systems offers a number of special treatments which include:

  • Spot removal
  • Smoke and odour removal
  • Pet odour treatment
  • Dust mite control and sanitation
  • Dry cleaning available
  • Mattress cleaning/treatment

We are in the cleaning supply business and when people come into our store and ask, “Where can I find a good carpet cleaner?” I never hesitate to recommend John, owner of Garec’s Cleaning Systems. He has been doing our carpets for years and, like his father before him, always does an awesome job. They have been doing this for over 50 years. When our customers come back in our store, they tell us how pleased they were with the work that was done, and that makes us feel good! —Doug, Tanshaw Products, Welland

Always an Awesome Job

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